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Vancouver Craft Beer Week hits Gastown

Vancouver Craft Beer Week is back. Beginning May 18th, 60+ breweries will be showcasing their craft beer for 9 days at various venues throughout the city. Below are the events that are being held in Gastown. Go check them out! Sunday May 20th Hoppapalooza III @ the Alibi Room. SOLD OUT. Driftwood Brewing Gastown Crawl - Bitter Tasting Room, Irish Heather, Salt Tasting Room. The night starts at Bitter Tasting Room for a reception, before moving on to the Irish Heather for dinner, and then finishing in Salt Tasting Room. Seating is limited to 50 attendees. Tuesday, May 22nd 1st Annual Battle of the Bartender Beer Cocktail Competition @ Clough Club, Rogue and Lamplighter. 15 of Vancouver’s Top Bartenders will square off at Clough Club with only their bar tools and creativity to create a cocktail using one of Rogue Brewery’s limited release beers. Beach to Bone dinner with Driftwood Brewing @ the Pourhouse. Wednesday, May 23rd Cicerone vs Sommelier @ the Irish Heather. Bitter Tasting Room, The Irish Heather Gastropub, Salt Tasting Room and Judas Goat together under one roof as the battle ground for Cicerone vs Sommelier. Cicerone Adam Henderson (RainCity Brands) will compete against Sommelier Mike Mitchell (Salt, Bitter, Judas Goat, Irish Heather) over this four course tasting menu, pairing beer and wine to each course. Thursday, May 24th Peckinpah Goes Whole Hog Join Peckinpah all day as they put a piggies feet to the fire and pair it with a special one off cask from R&B brewing. Servings are limited. No reservations required, just show up and enjoy. Enjoy! And please remember to drink responsibly. Learn more about Vancouver Craft Beer Week at their site.




Stoked for Cicerone vs Sommelier.

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