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JD’s Barber Shop

Specializing in Haircuts, Beard Cuts and Hot Shaves

From the back wall of JD’s Barber Shop, a somewhat surly Hemingway watches over as barbers tweak fades, trim soup strainers and shape stately stashes.  The portrait of the bull-fighting, bear-hunting don of simplicity and masculinity is the latest piece of art to grace the shop. It would appear that the days of metrosexuality are over.  Men are men again. It’s been happening for a little while now. There's a new crop of bartenders, butchers and barbers -- a return to craftsmen humbly honing skills to a level of clever mastery. And they want to be well-groomed. Read more

Gastown Spring Shop Hop

Today's warm weather should be a wake up call to restock your closet for spring. Lucky for you, Gastown's spring shopping bonanza is happening twice a year and will take place this Thursday, April 12th from 5-9pm. Besides special sales and the odd glass of champagne that you can sip while browsing, clothing stores are also offering food and drink coupons to area restaurants. This means South American tapas at Clough ClubCarolina barbecue at Peckinpahsteak and seafood at PourhouseSouthern comfort food at Revel Room, and charcuterie at Salt Tasting Room, to name but a few of the culinary gems in the area. Read more