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Sea Monstr. Sushi comes to Gastown.

Sushi in Gastown

Located at 55 Powell Street, Sea Monstr Sushi has been open now for about a month, and by all looks great and has been packed each time I have passed by. I have been watching this restaurant take shape and it's great to see this troubled block get something that locals can really sink their chop stick into. A boutique sushi eatery? (#%@$% that's a word that's used too much isn't it?) Call it what you want but this ain't your uncle Shimizu's typical sushi joint. And thank god. Robson Street can keep that tradition alive - this is Gastown, and I want some edge to my sashimi thank you very much. I don't know what's holding me back from checking Sea Monstr out. To be honest I have been a little sushi'ed out of late but I can feel myself shedding my old nori skin and am ready to dive back into the world of incredible Vancouver sushi. Maybe I have been holding off cause I don't want to be let down with just ho-hum me-too California Roll'esque vanilla sush? I dunno. Outside of Japan, Vancouver is recognized as the best place in the world to eat sushi, so dammit I want this place to be it. The Bin941 of sushi with ever changing fresh creative selections of fresh fish, packed crowd, loud music, and sake that warms the heart on a wet Vancouver night.

Sea Monstr Sushi...can you do this for me?

Take my hand and show me the way. Let me find my sushi legs again.
Recent @SeaMonstrSushi tweet complete with sushi porn pic: Amazing spot prawn and wild salmon nigiri thanks to Steve @OrganicOcean delicious and sustainable! Nice work.
Check them out and let us know with a comment below. Follow Sea Monster As of right now their site only has a menu in PDF and we HATE opening PDF's so check it out yourself cause we are too lazy. SEA MONSTR SUSHI


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