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JD’s Barber Shop

Specializing in Haircuts, Beard Cuts and Hot Shaves

From the back wall of JD’s Barber Shop, a somewhat surly Hemingway watches over as barbers tweak fades, trim soup strainers and shape stately stashes.  The portrait of the bull-fighting, bear-hunting don of simplicity and masculinity is the latest piece of art to grace the shop. It would appear that the days of metrosexuality are over.  Men are men again. It’s been happening for a little while now. There's a new crop of bartenders, butchers and barbers -- a return to craftsmen humbly honing skills to a level of clever mastery. And they want to be well-groomed.
Master barber Judah Down (hence the JD), opened JD's Barber Shop ten years ago and they've been focusing on high quality haircuts, beard grooming and hot shaves ever since. The prices are reasonable and the place has a simple feel. Exposed concrete, impeccably clean lines, and not a TV to be found. There’s a gentleman-ly approach to it all. The staff even wears tweeds and ties on Fridays.
And it’s not just about getting a quick trim. It’s about coming to hang out at the barbershop and shooting the breeze with high caliber barbers. And what are people asking for? “The Boardwalk Empire cut," says Judah. "The Boardwalk Empire thing has taken over the world. People come in and ask for that, all day long.” Though, the real specialty of the shop is their hot shaves. JD treated me to a shave, sans razor, and I’ve got to say, I had a little penis envy. I loved the ritual of it all and I sort of wish I had more facial hair to groom.
The Perfect Shave, as per Judah, goes like this: 1) Single Malt Scotch 2) Hot towel 3) Quality shaving cream 4) Straight ultra-sharp razor 5) Skilled barber 6) Ice cold towel to close the pores and tighten up the face 7) Aftershave 8) Maybe another Scotch!
The shop also has a deal for wedding parties where all the boys can come down and get a shave before the big day.
Visit Gastown's JD's for your next full service barber stop. Normal haircuts are decently priced, in the $20-30 range. Gastown Barber Shop - JD's 235 ABBOTT ST

Holly Hofmann


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