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Gastown’s Cartems Donuts

Sweet Treats Made with Extra Love

I kept hearing about this donut place in Gastown and I had to go down and check it out for myself. As I was walking in, a couple walked by and the guy said, “Is this that three-dollar donut place? That’s just f#@^ing ridiculous!” I get his point. The franchise varieties are less than half that price. But, man-oh-man, these are some seriously good donuts. My first pick had pink edible flower petals on it and both the icing and the dough were made with earl grey tea. No rainbow sprinkles or weird congealed icings here. go-to-cartems I also tried the the gluten-free salted caramel. The chocolate cake of this one was moist and bouncy, and the sweet and salty topping tied it all together. Gluten-free baking has really come a long way. The shop, which sits at the corner of Carrall and Hastings was literally dreamt up by owner Jordan Cash.  Ten years ago, he dreamt he owned a donut shop called Cartems and last February he made it happen in real life. Cartems Donuterie. 408 Carrall Street - Gastown And he’s not messing around with these little fried delights.

Whiskey and bacon on a donut?

- Yup. The Maker’s bourbon bacon donut has a Maker's Mark bourbon glaze and is topped it with a double-smoked house-cured candied bacon. It's salty sweet to goddang perfection. Other flavours dreamt up by the Cartems team: Mexican mole, citrus dust and carrot cake. Got a flavor in mind? Suggest it at the shop and they might just make it for you. They’ll even name it after you. Last year a client suggested ham and pineapple and got his moniker on the creation. They deliver in the downtown core by bicycle for free.
Photos courtesy of Allison Seidel
Photos courtesy of Allison Seidel
Cartems Donuterie 408 Carrall Street Mon – Fri 10am - 6pm Sat 11am - 6pm Sun 11am - 5pm 604-671-6015

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