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Gastown Editor Needed

As everyone knows, Gastown is on fire right now! Full of wicked little eateries, boutique shopping, coffee shops, cool heritage living spaces, and a nighttime vibe that is second to none. People are flocking to this part of the city - and it's about time. Problem is...Gastown needs more of a voice. It needs a locals perspective of what's happening in the area - and what better platform to scream your praise for Vancouver's original downtown core than!

I am looking for a creative individual who lives, works and breathes Gastown. Is it you?

Someone that knows it like the back of their hand. Someone who knows the back alleys...someone that won't ask 'who the hell is Mark Brand?', and who the #@$#$ is this Sean Heather guy?'

I know you're out there!

I am looking for someone to take the reigns of and that can provide great content for locals and tourists alike. A writer, a foodie, a wine enthusiast, a shopaholic with a penchant for individual proprietorships and boutique shops....Need I say more?


Well I am glad you asked. The ideal candidate will know a bit about WordPress, have some basic photographic skills, have a passion for writing and being social. will get you in the door - the rest will be up to you. Drive traffic by providing great content that people want to read. As a Kevin once said, 'build it, and they will come'.

Get in touch with me if you're interested. Be the voice of Gastown.

Use the form at the bottom of this link to get in touch.



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