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McLean’s Restaurant

Retired NHL legend Kirk McLean couldn’t save himself in the kitchen. He told me so himself. But this doesn’t mean he’s a stranger to good food. In fact, he’s got excellent taste. His new favorite spot: the upstairs, wooden-beamed bar of his classy new restaurant, McLean’s (see below).

Located at 322 Water Street, a stone’s throw away from The Old Spaghetti Factory, travelers now have a hope of stumbling upon quality food when (puzzlingly) sent to Gastown in search of the dated tourist trap.

Free Range Chicken Breast served with pommes puree, asparagus, and carrots
Free Range Chicken Breast served with pommes puree, asparagus, and carrots

One of Kirk’s favorite McLean’s menu items is juicy Free Range Chicken Breast, which I agreed was one of the best selections from his menu (created by Chef Eddie Szasz) featuring Pacific Northwest cuisine.

For the full experience of McLean’s visit It’s To Die 4.

Irish Heather’s Long Table Series

If you have not checked out the Long Table Series yet then you have probably been missing out on one of the city’s best value. With the LTS starting up again, now is the time to take advantage of some damn fine home-style cooking. Make sure to act fast as certain nights/dishes sell out very fast.

The whole concept of a communal table is new(ish) to North Americans. We tend to be a little more reserved, more shy, more private when it comes to dining and usually prefer to sit at a table that offers some degree of privacy to the guests. In Europe however eating is a social affair and many restaurants including Clift Hotels Velvet Room in San Fran have openly embraced this meet thy neighbour style of eating to huge success.

Don’t worry, no one is forcing to strike up conversation. Everyone IS there for the food don’t forget.

Look for the Long Table Series at the Irish Heather to serve belly warming dishes and a pint of beer throughout the fall and winter with prices in the $15-$17 ballpark.

Take a gander at some recent offerings below:

Roast Suckling Pig, Apple-Rosemary Sauce, Braised Cabbage & Potatoes 16oz Pint Orchard Hill Cider.
Roast Duck Leg, Handmade Pappardelle Pasta & Wild Mushroom Sauce with a 20oz Pint Of Smithwicks.
Roast Turkey, Onion Stuffing, Potatoes & Cranberry Chutney with a 16oz Pint Of Driftwood Ale.

With proper notice a vegetarian meal can be substituted.

The Long Table Series (LTS) is an intimate gathering of friends, old and new, along our 40 foot communal table. Like coming home to “Sunday Dinner,” but without the clean up.

For a full listing of dates and dishes visit the Long Table Series Blog and make a booking for a unique dining experience.