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Charles Bar in Gastown

Ceasar Contest at The Charles Bar

The Charles Bar has wrangled up the best bartenders in the city to find out once and for all, who can make the most exciting Caesar in Vancouver!

Partnering with Mott’s Clamato and Smirnoff The Charles Bar is offering the competitors the best base ingredients and are leaving the rest up to them. The bartender that comes up with the most inventive and original Caesar will win an awesome trip for two to Las Vegas and of course, massive bragging rights.

Contestants will be judged by a panel of industry professionals on presentation, appearance, creativity and taste. Guests will enjoy watching the bartending pros reveal their secrets while being entertained by host and DJ Johnny Omega. There will also be tons of prizes and swag giveaways all day long and of course Caesars on special (for $3.99).

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Diamond Restaurant in Gastown

The Diamond, This Girl’s Best Friend

Although it’s been open for a just over 2 years now, The Diamond is one Gastown, ahem, gem that is easy to miss. Some friends and I discovered it rather surreptitiously one evening when the street level Maple Street Square eatery we planned on trying was full. We stood in the square hemming and hawing about what to do next, looked to the heavens for an answer, and there it was: one floor up, art deco chandeliers calling to us from giant windows. But how to get into this magical, elevated place? A brief search brought us to a simple street-talker sign featuring a great big graphic of a cut diamond and behind it, a large set of stairs.

Upon entering, your eyes are immediately drawn, once again, to the chandeliers shaped much like cut diamonds and to the buzzing, young & trendy crowd. My friends and I were seated at one of the tables in the centre of the smallish sized open concept dining room or, “cocktail parlour,” as it is referred to by the staff.
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