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Gastown’s Cartems Donuts

Sweet Treats Made with Extra Love

I kept hearing about this donut place in Gastown and I had to go down and check it out for myself. As I was walking in, a couple walked by and the guy said, “Is this that three-dollar donut place? That’s just f#@^ing ridiculous!” I get his point. The franchise varieties are less than half that price. But, man-oh-man, these are some seriously good donuts. My first pick had pink edible flower petals on it and both the icing and the dough were made with earl grey tea. No rainbow sprinkles or weird congealed icings here. Read more

JD’s Barber Shop

Specializing in Haircuts, Beard Cuts and Hot Shaves

From the back wall of JD’s Barber Shop, a somewhat surly Hemingway watches over as barbers tweak fades, trim soup strainers and shape stately stashes.  The portrait of the bull-fighting, bear-hunting don of simplicity and masculinity is the latest piece of art to grace the shop. It would appear that the days of metrosexuality are over.  Men are men again. It’s been happening for a little while now. There's a new crop of bartenders, butchers and barbers -- a return to craftsmen humbly honing skills to a level of clever mastery. And they want to be well-groomed. Read more

Meat & Bread

Bacon Maple Chocolate Bar? yup!

Meat & Bread is a sandwich shop in Gastown located at 370 Cambie Street that specializes in cooked/roasted/braised meat sandwiches. YUM!! Opening at 11:00am (Mon- Sat) Meat & Bread serves four daily sandwiches and their famous Porchetta sandwich is available on each of these days. They also offer a daily special (Beef, Chicken, Veal, Fish, and other meats rotating), as well as a Meatball and Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Read more

Pourhouse in Gastown

It's Mushroom Magic

The secret to sickeningly delicious caramelized onions was once revealed to me by a hot dog vendor. The trick (using Coca-Cola) works on mushrooms too, which were the best I’d tasted until the day I dined at Pourhouse in Gastown, located at 162 Water Street, and tasted Chef Chris Irving’s. A 200-year-old Douglas-fir tree was ripped up in Langley to create this Gastown hotspot’s bar and tables. Read more